Switch on a push-button switch automatically

Switching on a push-button switch (power button) automatically on power

Many electronic devices today do not have a normal switch to turn them on or off, but a push-button, so does my video surveillance monitor.The problem: I want a separate motion detector to switch on a light and the video surveillance monitor when there is movement.However, when power is applied, the monitor remains off, even if it was previously on, until the power button is pressed.Even the permanent simple bridging or fixing of the button in a pressed position does not automatically switch the unit on.

There are several possible solutions to this problem.

1. If you keep the button pressed and then turn on the power and the device turns on,then the pushbutton switch can simply be bridged with an electrolytic capacitor.The capacity of the suitable capacitor has to be found out by trial and error in 1 µF steps.

2. If solution no. 1 does not work, the switching of the pushbutton must be delayed.If you press the power button and keep it pressed while you turn on the power, and the device turns on and remains switched on, then you can solve the problem with a delay-switch module. You can buy one for less than 4 dollars on the Internet, even with an adjustable delay time.Simply connect the module to the power input and the switching terminals of the module to the push-button.

3. If it is a device such as a computer, it will be switched off again when the power button is pressed continuously.So there has to be only one switching pulse with a time delay. Things get more complicated here, because I haven't found a ready-made module to buy, but there are instructions and circuit diagrams on the Internet according to which you can solder such a switch-on control by yourself.