The cannabis rules in Germany

From April 1st, 2024, cannabis will be partially legalized in Germany. The following provisional legal rules apply (no guarantee that they are complete, up-to-date or error-free):

Who can possess cannabis?

People aged 18 and over

How much cannabis is allowed to possess?

The weight always refers to the cannabis plant material after drying (consumable material).

The total amount that a person is allowed to own (at the man + at the place of residence) must not exceed 50 grams of dry weight.

Where can you smoke cannabis?

It is not allowed to consume:

The consumption of cannabis is prohibited within sight (distance of 100 m) of the following locations:

Where and how can you get cannabis?

Obtaining cannabis should be organized through cannabis clubs (Cannabis Social Clubs [CSC]), which are allowed to collectively grow the hemp plants and distribute cannabis to the club members. The association is not allowed to operate the cultivation commercially.

The acquisition of more than

is punishable.

Membership in several cannabis clubs at the same time is prohibited.

Cannabis grown at home (up to 3 plants per person) may not be passed on to third parties.

Commercial trading of cannabis through pharmacies or state-licensed shops is currently not permitted, but is expected to come at a later date.

 What needs to be taken into account when growing cannabis privately?

Limits when driving after cannabis consumption

The limit values ​​are not yet regulated by law (April 1, 2024). This means that driving while stoned is completely prohibited!

The problems with the current legal regulations regarding cannabis legalization

Any medium-sized cannabis plant will already exceed the permitted amount of 50 grams dry weight!