Hyundai i10 - How to replace the lambda probe

Problem: DTC P0030 Oxygen Sensor ... 

Solution: Replacing of the lambda probe 

The lambda probe is located in the engine compartment on the left under the air filter housing on the exhaust pipe. 

Tool: A special tool for lambda sensors. Since the cable on the lambda probe is quite stiff, I sawed off the tool completely on one side so that you don't have to kink the cable when placing the tool on the lambda probe. The tool cannot be placed directly on the lambda probe, because the slot on the side is simply too slim. The lambda probe cable is first pulled through the slot and then the tool is led to the lambda probe. 


1.  To easily access the lambda sensor and its cables, the air filter housing must be completely removed. 1.1. Loosen the screw on the front right hose clamp and pull off the hose.

1.2. Remove the screws on the left and right side of the air filter housing, loosen the clamps and remove the front part of the air filter housing.

1.3. The rear part of the air filter housing is only inserted in a rubber holder, simply pull it upwards with a little force.

2. Press in the retaining lug of the connector plug and pull the connector plug off the bracket to the right.

3. Press in the lock of the plug connection and disconnect the plug connection.

4. Squeeze the cable holders together with pliers and release them.

5. Unscrew the lambda sensor.

The cable holders can be detached from the old lambda sensor with a narrow screwdriver and reused. To do this, place the two lambda sensors next to each other and reattach the cable holders at the same height in each case. Check that the new lambda sensor has the same cable assignment at the connector.

6. Install the new lambda sensor.
Reassemble in reverse order.